Friday, March 27, 2009

Apple Vs. Windows

So your trying to decide to buy a new computer. The hard decision is walking through the big Blue door's of the now dominated retail world (For better or Worse). The first question most people ask is which should I buy. I will follow with my recommendations of one over the other. The rest is up to everyone else. The one Thing I ask as that any posts remain as factual information or the posts will be deleted. This is an informational Blog not a venue for arguments.

Being an apple and a PC user there is one major question you need to ask yourself as a matter of convenience. What do you mainly do with your computer and how much have you invested to do it? If you have hundreds of discs laying around that are all used in day to day operation they most likely will need to e replaced with apple compliant ones. If this is still a question in your mind read on.

Apple does tend to have a SUBSTANTIALLY lower amount of issues (REASON- Windows has to work on any configuration, Apple only creates software that works with 8 different computers at a time). It's not that the product is better it's that it is controlled by apple.

Are you using your computer for photo's home video's and internet? These are the primary attractions for apple. These computers come with all of the software that you need. This entails anything from Backing up your family information to editing photo's and High Definition Video Editing.

The one thing you want to keep in mind when looking at the two is the price. An apple is generally $500 more on average than a PC of the same specifications. Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware protection are not needed on an apple (again arguments need to be based on facts, keep it constructive). The average consumer wants a computer to last 5 years, your average cost of Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware for 5 years is $500 rounded up to the nearest $10.

Windows has many upsides as well. College's generally have requirements of which windows tends to be the more compliant operating system. There is a much larger array of software to purchase for windows. If you are going to school make sure you check compatibility with an Apple as a lot of colleges may have the software but their tech department WILL NOT SUPPORT THEM, checking this may save you a few trips to the apple store.

When you buy a windows PC the upgrade ability is endless, where as an apple computer is seriously limited on the upgrade side of things. A windows computer will have readily available parts when something goes wrong at a Best Buy or local electronics store near you where as an Apple needs to go back to the retailer or an apple store.

Both computers have their up side its all up to you on making sure you make the right decision. I am a windows person though I still love my apple for Photoshop and video editing :)

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